The Future (.tech)

We are facing strange times.
Times unlike any other.
A world ruled by Technology, Clickbait, and corrupted Polititians...

Why have we been born into a world which Humanity has already exhausted? How has Mass Media corrupted our youth? Why is Elon Musk building flame throwers & projecting Teslas into space? How can we protect ourselves from the future of AI? Why is Virtual Reality on the road to becoming the more favorable reality?

It is time for humanity to take another look at itself in the black mirror. We must learn from our mistakes and take actions to create a better future.

The answers are out there. Technology is giving millions of people a better life all around the world. Super Computers are analyzing big data in attempt to solve problems like global warming, famine, & overpopulation. Tech can be used for good.

What will YOU do to take advantage of the prestigious, opportunistic, and open source 4th industrial revolution?


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Quote of the day:
"Make tech work for you. Don't work for technology."

Mission Statement. was first created for fun & as a proof of concept. It is now in the works to becoming a full fledged technology hub designed for the tech community. After 1,000 users sign up, we will create a mobile app for

There is no limit.

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Envision Engineering, Berkley, CA

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